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UPDATE: We've moved! Work on Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure is now happening under Bitwise Reprise LLC, so head over to the new page to see the latest on this game.


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All welcome, this is the game that will make you a Speedrunner.

It would be nice if people joined soon so that the speedrun.com site becomes the first fullrun for your game.


The site is now only set up for the demo, but I will change this in the next few days.


Love it.


Hi everyone - thanks for your interest in Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure! Work on the project is now happening under Bitwise Reprise LLC, so updates to the game will be now be found on this page: https://bitwisereprise.itch.io/jane-austens-8-bit-adventure

There's a new pre-release demo build going up today for both NES and Windows. Check it out and let us know what you think!

This was fun, looking forward to seeing this game grow!


Thanks! I'm working on it now!


The game released today both here on itch.io and on Steam!

Thank you for the heads-up!


A new record! 4m 39s, nice work.

The full release is out now on itch and Steam. Would love to see a speedrun at various difficulties!

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Oh, I'm really happy about <span class="gmail-hiddenSpellError" <that<="" span="">that, I'</span>m going to play the Steam version first. But I will do <span class="gmail-hiddenSpellError" <the<="" span="">the runs</span> on an original NES. An important question, are <span class="gmail-hiddenSpellError" <there<="" span="">differences</span> between <span class="gmail-hiddenSpellError" <the<="" span="">versions</span>? I need to know <span class="gmail-hiddenSpellError" <this<="" span="">for</span> speedrun.com otherwise I will create an NES and a PC category

I'm hoping to find time to start my first runs in the next few weeks, but I don't think I'll get around to it before November/December.

Thanks for this greate Game, just love it.

I'm glad you like it!

Regarding whether there are differences between the NES version and the PC version... the games are designed to play the same. However, due to hardware differences between a NES and a modern PC, there's going to be some inherent differences in terms of input latency, screen response time, and so forth. For the average player these differences won't be noticeable, but perhaps for a speedrun it could make a difference.

Fun!  I can't wait until there's more :)

Thanks! I'm working towards a 2023 release of the full game!


The game released today both here on itch.io and on Steam!

Oooh I'm excited to try it

me too

Very cool Game, wonderful for speedrunning

Very nice run... 4m51s - impressive! Glad you're enjoying it!

This looks so cute


Nice Game, really amazing.

Thank you!

This is kind of amazing