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Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure is a 2D platformer starring Jane Austen, English novelist, who finds herself in an 8-bit video game! This game runs on NES hardware or on a NES emulator.

  • Battle characters from Jane Austen's novels!
  • Explore 8-bit England!
  • Defeat enemies with a quill!
  • Restore Miss Austen's books to the 8-bit library!

This is a playable demo, created for NESDev Compo 2022, and contains the first two stages of the game. A full version of the game for both NES and PC is in development.

Play the demo in your browser at https://www.8bitjane.com/play


Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure (nesdev compo).nes 40 kB
Jane Austen's 8-bit Adventure (nesdev compo).pdf 298 kB


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A new record! 4m 39s, nice work.

Fun!  I can't wait until there's more :)

Thanks! I'm working towards a 2023 release of the full game!


me too

Very cool Game, wonderful for speedrunning

Very nice run... 4m51s - impressive! Glad you're enjoying it!

This looks so cute


Nice Game, really amazing.

Thank you!

This is kind of amazing